Patient Safety SEIPS Masterclass

Virtual Patient Safety SEIPS Masterclass – 15th Sept 2023

– Understand how to use SEIPS to improve safety and inform system-based improvement. This course is suitable those engaged or interested in patient safety, quality improvement  & service delivery.

On this interactive virtual course we will explore how human factors and ergonomics impact everyday working practices & patient safety. This material  aligns with key focuses of the National Patient Safety Strategy, PSIRF & several domains of the National Patient Safety Syllabus 2.0. This course is equivalent to 6 hours of education.We will show you how to take a systems approach to patient safety  investigations using the SEIPS Model.  Participants have the opportunity to practically apply SEIPS to a patient safety incident & explore contributory factors. We introduce methods such as observation & interview and consider how to generate areas for improvement and safety actions.

What’s Included & Cost 

  • One day course for £150 plus VAT
  • Facilitated by experienced team of doctors, nurses and educators
  • Small group work
  • Selected course materials
  • Membership of the Being Human in Healthcare Network

CIEHF Assessor feedback “Well done – looks like an interesting and relevant course to help healthcare leaders apply systems thinking to their everyday jobs.”“One of the clearest explanations of SEIPS I’ve seen.”

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