Being Human in Healthcare Ltd

   Human factors training designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals

About Us:

We offer applied Human Factors courses incorporating the latest SAFETY II and Systems Thinking

With over 40 years of combined clinical experience in medicine and nursing, we understand the unique challenges faced in healthcare.

We offer bespoke Human Factor courses for healthcare professionals.

Our courses focus on enabling healthcare professionals to work safely within a complex and variable healthcare system.  Exploring the areas of resilience, variability of performance, error wisdom, communication, teamwork, hierarchy, self-awareness, stress management and more.

We demonstrate how these and other concepts within Human Factors impact on patient safety, improve efficiency, enhance the working environment and improve staff retention.


The science of Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) originated several years ago in critical risk industries, such as aviation. Human Factors and Ergonomics have now been accepted within healthcare as an integral contributor to working safety. The Care Quality Commission, CQC, recommends that to reduce the risk of patient safety incidents, Human Factors principles should be utilised.

Aviation style techniques do not fully allow for the multifarious nature of patient care. At Being Human in Healthcare we believe this is why a tailored, practical approach designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals is now required.

Meet the Team

Thank you for choosing Being Human in Healthcare.

As healthcare professionals and educators we understand the need to adapt aviation style Human Factors knowledge and techniques, to make them more relevant and applicable to the highly complex and variable world of health and social care.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our enthusiasm for Human Factors.


Dr Jennifer Blair

Company Director
Consultant Anaesthetist
Director for Multi-Professional Simulation
Working towards MSc Human Factors & Ergonomics
Student Member CIEHF
College Tutor RCoA (5 years)
Training Programme Director (3 years)

I have worked in London as a Consultant Anaesthetist for 16 years and have extensive Simulation and Human Factors teaching experience and training. In my current role as Director of Simulation in a London NHS trust I have gained valuable insight into the role Human Factors play in incident investigation and sit on the Serious Incident Review Panel. I am passionate about sharing Human Factors knowledge, equipping staff with practical tools that enhance patient safety and inspiring those in leadership positions to consider Human Factors in their decision making.


Jessica Wadsworth

Company Director
Senior Nurse Educator
MA Clinical Education
Fellow of Higher education Academy
NMC Teacher
Associate Member CIEHF

I am a senior registered Nurse working in London for over 18 yrs. Working towards an MA in Clinical education, I have a specialist interest in Human Factors, Simulation Based Education and Inter-Professional Education.
I am passionate about the role of Human Factors in the context of patient safety and incident investigation. Over my career in Renal, Critical Care, Theatres and now Multi-Professional Education and Quality, I have gained a deep understanding of patient safety issues. The qualifications, skill and experience I’ve acquired give me unique insight and understanding of how to apply Human Factors effectively in health and social care.


Dr Tracey Herlihey

Associate Consultant Advisor
Chartered Human Factors Specialist (CErgHF)
Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol)
Head of Safety Intelligence – HSIB

I’m a passionate, systems-thinker committed to making healthcare safer through better design. I have worked at the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) since its inception in March 2017, first as a National Investigator and now as Head of Safety Intelligence. Prior to HSIB I was a Senior Human Factors Specialist at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Canada. At UHN I led Human Factors consulting work to help solve complex safety problems within healthcare and developed and taught various courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. At HSIB I provide Human Factors input into HSIB’s investigations and lead HSIB’s Intelligence Unit.


Associate Trainers

Meet our extended team of multi-professional healthcare professionals. Our qualified healthcare associate trainers work within healthcare and have extensive teaching experience and qualifications


Dr Zahra Rajput

Associate Trainer

Dr Zahra Rajput BSc MBBS PG Cert (Clin Ed)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
Anaesthetic Registrar –  London

I am an Anaesthetic Registrar working in London and have a strong interest in education, having completed my PG Certificate in Clinical Education. I also have extensive experience in inter-professional education and am passionate about enhancing the multi-professional team’s ability to work safely.  I also have expertise in course design and teaching, ranging from undergraduate programmes to work based learning sessions.


Luke Cox

Associate Trainer

Mr Luke Cox BSc PG Dip (clinical Ed)

Fellow of the Higer Education Academy (FHEA)

NMC Teacher
Senior Nurse lecturer – London

I work as a Senior Nurse and Educator and have experience in both roles in a variety of settings. As a nurse I have worked in acute care environments for 10 years, including senior Emergency Department roles. As an educator I specialise in facilitating simulation-based learning, working with multi-professional teams in the NHS, and with pre and post registration nurses and midwives in higher education.  These experiences have taught me how vital it is for healthcare professionals at all organisational levels to understand the impact of Human Factors on our practice, and on the safety of those we care for.