Success Stories

  Healthcare professionals that attend Being Human’s Train the Trainer Courses go on to great things! Read about the successes at Milton Keynes University Hospital

milton keynesBeing Human in Healthcare Ltd, Human Factors Train the Trainer Courses really get results. On our TTT courses we teach healthcare professionals how to deliver our one-day human factors day to their staff, as well as use the modules in bitesize sessions and mini teaches to enable spread. Following on from attending our TTT course and embedding our Human Factors day into their Trust, the interprofessional team at MKUH went on to become finalists in the HSJ Patient Safety Awards – Education and Training Category 2022. oipBeing Human in Healthcare have now trained 17 interprofessional faculty from MKUH, who now deliver  bi-monthly HF workshops for all grades of clinical & non-clinical staff, medical & nursing students. To date over 300 of a wide variety of staff have attended and sign up via the Trusts weekly newsletter. The team report that 98% of MKUH participants recommending the one-day human factors course to their 

“I first discovered Being Human in Healthcare in January 2020 when I attended a Human Factors Train the Trainer Course in London. I was so impressed with the way the BH team had designed a Human Factors day unique to healthcare, I returned to MKUH eager to get more faculty on board so we could start to deliver this programme.”

Christella PDN

MKUH Faculty comments

“It has been an absolute ‘eye opener’ to witness how staff that would never normally interact on a day-day basis, come together during the course and discuss human factors in groups during the course activities. Hierarchical boundaries dissipate.The course contents appeal to all varieties of staff and teams as there is always something which they can relate to; thus participation is easily enabled with the course design and content.”“The one-day Human Factors course is truly inspirational and will help staff help themselves, and others, to deliver more efficient  and safer care.”