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What is human factors and ergonomics and why does it matter in healthcare?

The science of applying Human Factors and Ergonomic principles to enhance safety within the critical risk industries has now reached healthcare, through the National Patient Strategy and Patient Safety Incident Response Framework PSIRF. Many organisations including Care Quality Commission (CQC), the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSSIB)  now include Human Factors in their publications and Human Factors training for all healthcare staff is now mandated through the National Patient Safety Syllabus

Human Factors – “Human Factors and Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimise human well-being and overall system performance.” International Ergonomics Association.

A Systems-based Approach to Safety and Improvement

Patient safety investigation – a Human Factors approach takes a broader view, moving away from the idea of ‘human error’ and a ‘root cause’ to explore concepts of emergence and performance variability. To think about systems – avoid a reactionary quick fix and try to understand the interactions and flows within a system of work to find solutions. To think about design – how to design and test equipment, workspaces or processes with the end-user in mind

Being Human’s approach combines Human Factors science and theory with extensive clinical experience, expertly translating these concepts to the real world of healthcare. Our diverse team are all experts in their field including Human Factors/Ergonomics, Psychology, Patient Safety, Clinical Education, Nursing and Medicine. With significant clinical experience in maternity, theatres, critical care, renal, ED and anaesthetics.

Meet the Senior Team

Thank you for choosing Being Human in Healthcare.As healthcare professionals and educators we understand the need to adapt aviation style Human Factors knowledge and techniques, to make them more relevant and applicable to the highly complex and variable world of health and social care.We look forward to meeting you and sharing our enthusiasm for Human Factors.

Dr Jennifer Blair

Company Director Consultant Anaesthetist Director for Multi-Professional Simulation Working towards MSc Applied Human Factors & Ergonomics Member CIEHF College Tutor RCoA (5 years) Training Programme Director (3 years)

Jen has worked in London as a Consultant Anaesthetist for 20 years and has extensive Simulation and Human Factors teaching experience and training. In her current role as Director of Simulation in a London NHS trust she has gained valuable insight into the role Human Factors play in incident investigation and sits on the Serious Incident Review Panel.  She is working towards an MSc in Applied Ergonomics and Human factors and is passionate about sharing this Human Factors knowledge, equipping staff with practical tools that enhance patient safety and inspiring those in leadership positions to consider Human Factors in their decision making.

Jessica Wadsworth

Company Director Senior Nurse Educator Tutor PGcert Clin Ed KCL MA Clinical Education FHEA/NMC Teacher Associate Member CIEHF Member of Civilitysaveslives

Jess is a senior registered Nurse working in London for over 20 yrs and also tutors on the PGCert in Clinical education at King’s College London. She has an MA in Clinical education and her specialist interests are in the fields inter-professional education, human factors and  simulation-based education. Jess is passionate about the unification of Human Factors,  Improvement and Patient Safety, particularly in the context of the PSIRF and syllabus. Over her career in Renal, Critical Care, Theatres and now Multi-Professional Education and Improvement, she has gained a deep understanding of patient safety issues. The qualifications, skills and experiences she has acquired give her a unique insight and understanding of how to apply Human Factors effectively across many areas of health and social care.

Prof Suzette Woodward

Associate Consultant AdvisorRGN, RSCN, DipMS, MSc, DProf, DSc

Prof Suzette Woodward is an internationally renowned expert in patient safety who as at the forefront of safety thinking in healthcare. Suzette is a Professor of Patient Safety, now a freelance patient safety specialist providing strategic advice on all aspects of patient safety and in particular related to the latest concepts and theories on safety II, incivility and a just culture. She has worked in the NHS for over 40 years, starting out as a paediatric intensive care nurse she has specialised in patient safety at a national level for over two decades. Suzette has held Executive Board positions at the National Patient Safety Agency and NHS Resolution and worked with health ministries across the world to help shape their patient safety strategies. Over the last six years Suzette was the National Clinical Director for the Sign up to Safety Campaign and worked as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Department of Health and Social Care. She has a doctorate in patient safety and is a Visiting Professor for the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College University London and Honorary Doctor of Science at the University of West London. She is author of a blog, numerous articles and two books; Rethinking Patient Safety and Implementing Patient Safety.

Mark Sujan

Associate Consultant Advisor Chartered Ergonomist (CErgHF) and a Trustee of the Chartered Institiute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF)

Mark is the Managing Director of Human Factors Everywhere Ltd. Clients include leading universities (University of Oxford, University of York), public organisations and healthcare providers, charities and small businesses. Human Factors Everywhere is a registered consultancy with the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), providing assurance to clients that they can expect trustworthy and accredited ergonomics expertise. Our name is our vision and aspiration – to contribute Human Factors & Ergonomics expertise to all walks of life to improve the safety and efficiency of activities, and the wellbeing of people.

Dr Sabrina Vitello

Senior Human Factors Trainer Palliative Care Specialty Registrar MSc Medical Education FHEA MRCP

Sabrina is a Palliative Care Registrar in London with a MSc in Medical Education from Cardiff University. She has developed a clinical career which interfaces with her passion for human factors and interprofessional simulation-based education. Her broad experience working with multi-professional multi-disciplinary teams to design and deliver a wide array of simulation courses has given her a unique perspective on the value of exploring how human factors can help us work well at an individual, team and system level.

mr alan parbooh

Mr Alan Parbhoo

FRCS(OMFS Gold Medal) MBBS BSc BDS, Senior Human Factors Trainer

Alan is an NHS Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, with nearly ten years experience, with a special interest in managing TMJ disorders and facial growth problems. He is also Deputy Chair of the Skin Cancer Service at his NHS Trust which involves extensive collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team.
In addition to his busy and rewarding clinical work he has had both a practical and a research interest in patient safety for many years. He is a Royal College NoTSS (Non-Technical Surgical Skills) trainer. This, combined with expertise in Clinical Human Factors, has led to a special interest in safety in the operating theatre including the relevance of situational awareness to patient safety, and also active involvement in incident investigations, including thematic reviews.  Alan is part of the PSIRF implementation committee in his NHS trust. He is a qualified Human Factors trainer, with extensive experience of teaching Human Factors to doctors, nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professionals. He is passionate about enthusing staff to the relevance of Human Factors to patient safety, and a proponent of the systems-based approach. Alan is also a longstanding supporter of the Civility Saves Lives campaign and a Freedom to Speak Up Ambassador.”

Associate Trainers

Meet our extended team of multi-professional healthcare professionals. Our qualified healthcare associate trainers work within healthcare and have extensive teaching experience and qualifications

Dr Zahra Rajput

Associate Trainer

Dr Zahra Rajput BSc MBBS PG Cert (Clin Ed)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) Anaesthetic Registrar –  London

Zahra is an Anaesthetic Registrar working in London and has a strong interest in education, having completed her PG Certificate in Clinical Education. She also has extensive experience in inter-professional education and is passionate about enhancing the multi-professional team’s ability to work safely.  Zahra also has expertise in course design and teaching, ranging from undergraduate programmes to work based learning sessions.