Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents

Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents

Two-Day PSIRF Course

Training & Development Services Framework – Lot 4a

(EOECPH FTS Ref number 2021/S 000-022480)

Being Human in Healthcare Ltd offer a new two-day course that has been endorsed by NHSE, as suitable for those undertaking patient safety investigations under the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF).

This course is delivered by senior healthcare professionals with significant experience in human factors, patient safety and delivering high quality education. The course covers the key elements of the new PSIRF requirements, including but not limited to the use of the SEIPS model in practice, Safety II and Systems Thinking, Performance Influencing Factors (PIFs), patient engagement, speaking with staff, creating psychological safety and a Just Culture.The course materials are delivered in ways that are directly applicable to healthcare and involve formal sessions, facilitated discussions, small group work and simulation.

How to book – book directly with Being Human or through the National Training & Development Services, EOECPH (FTS Ref number 2021/S 000-022480

NHS England

The National Patient Safety Strategy (2019)