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Being Human in Healthcare offer applied Human Factors courses incorporating the latest Safety II thinking. Our courses are created by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

Human Factors for Leaders 


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Full day course in central London 
Facilitated by experienced NHS Consultant and Senior Nurse Educator
Small group setting
Lunch and refreshements
Selected course materials 
Membership of the Being Human in Healthcare Network

We will explore Human Factors, including resilience, variability of performance, error wisdom, communication, leadership, teamwork, hierarchy, self-awareness and stress .

We will demonstrate how these and other Human Factor concepts impact on working safely and provide you with a robust approach to reviewing Human Factors within Patient Safety Investigations. 

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27th Sept 2019
This course is suitable for senior healthcare professionals including Consultants, Senior Trainees, Band 7 and 8 Nurses and staff in Risk and Quality roles. Also suitable for senior role interview preparation.

Being Human in Healthcare can bring this course to your organisation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for booking.  Additional costs for trainer travel and accommodation may be applicable.

Human Factors for Frontline Staff

What’s included

Full day course at your organisation
Training for up to 15 delegates
Facilitated by experienced Senior NHS Educators
Interactive small group activities
Easy to apply Human Factors tools  
Selected course materials
Membership of the Being Human in Healthcare Network

This Being Human in Healthcare course explores the impact of Human Factors on our daily work and home lives. This course will equip your team with error wisdom and practical Human Factor based tools to become more effective, resilient practitioners and help them to avoid some of the “holes in the road” to work safely 

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting this course at your hospital, nursing home or health centre.

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 This course is aimed at all health and social care professionals working directly with patients, including Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals. 

Human Factors Three-day Train the Trainers Course

Suitable for all senior Healthcare professionals 

Embed Human Factors Training into your organisation!

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Next available dates 15, 16, 17 January 2020

This three day course has been designed to ensure you will gain a deeper understanding of Human Factors in relation to patient safety and will also feel confident to share this knowledge with colleagues. This course will train you to teach human factors through a variety of methods including mini teaches, debrief techniques and more formal classroom teaching.
You will explore integral concepts around Human Factors, Error Wisdom and Safety II in a way that is directly applicable to healthcare and is accessible to all professions.
To get your Human Factors training up and running we will provide educational materials to ensure that you can  successfully deliver sustainable Human Factors training within your organisation.

With this booking you will receive 

A three day train the trainers course
Facilitation by senior NHS consultant and senior qualified nurse educator
Healthcare relevant educational materials and resources
Teaching and presenting practice sessions with structured feedback and support
Membership of the Being Human in Healthcare Network
Post course online support

Human Factors for Maternity Services 

Take the next step, let us help you embed human factors into your maternity unit!

Explore the impact of human factors on our daily lives on the delivery suite and wards. This course will equip your team with “error wisdom” and practical human factor based tools.
We understand how challenging this environment can be, human factors can help staff become more effective, resilient practitioners and aid them to maintain client safety, even in difficult circumstances.

Full day course at your organisation
Training for up to 15 delegates
Facilitated by experienced NHS Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist and Senior Nurse Educator
Interactive small group activities
Easy to apply Human Factors Tools
Selected Course Materials
Membership of the Being Human in Healthcare Network

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Simulation Solutions 

Want to use Simulation Based Education to teach and embed Human Factors in your department or organisation?  

Being Human in Healthcare Ltd are highly experienced and qualified in the design, development and implementation of high quality interprofessional simulation based education. 

We can help you illuminate multiple Human Factor and Patient Safety elements that may remain hidden in other forms of educational interventions (Sharma, 2011).

Whether you want to venture into insitu simulation or improve the quality of simulation within an already established centre, we can offer simulation solutions for every situation. 

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Course development 

 Let us help you construct appropriate aims & learning objectives through carefully crafted, high fidelity scenarios, debriefs and workshops. Using learning and educational theories, promote deeper understanding of Human Factor elements relating to behaviour, human interactions, environment and systems based problems. Improve professional collaboration and patient safety in your area with the help of simulation solutions.

Simulation for all clinical specialities 

Core collaborative skills of teamwork, leadership, communication, situational awareness and assertiveness are generic to all clinical specialities. We work with speciality experts to ensure both clinical and collaborative objectives are weaved into the course content and provide teaching tools and aids to enhance the promotion of these essential skills.

Faculty Development 

We can help you develop a  simulation faculty, ready to run high quality, Human Factors focused simulation and educate the multiprofessional team in core collborative skills to improve patient safety. We have been trained as Expert Debriefers by the Institute for Medical Simulation and are able to draw on a host of educationally sound debriefing models and principles to guide high quality feedback and discourse amongst multi-professional team members.  

We offer applied Human Factors courses incorporating the latest SAFETY II and Systems Thinking

With over 40 years of combined clinical experience in medicine and nursing, we understand the unique challenges faced in healthcare.

We offer bespoke Human Factor courses for healthcare professionals.

Our courses focus on enabling healthcare professionals to work safely within a complex and variable healthcare system.  Exploring the areas of resilience, variability of performance, error wisdom, communication, teamwork, hierarchy, self-awareness, stress management and more.

We demonstrate how these and other concepts within Human Factors impact on patient safety, improve efficiency, enhance the working environment and improve staff retention.


The science of Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) originated several years ago in critical risk industries, such as aviation. Human Factors and Ergonomics have now been accepted within healthcare as an integral contributor to working safety. The Care Quality Commission, CQC, recommends that to reduce the risk of patient safety incidents, Human Factors principles should be utilised.

Aviation style techniques do not fully allow for the multifarious nature of patient care. At Being Human in Healthcare we believe this is why a tailored, practical approach designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals is now required.

Meet the Team  

Thank you for choosing Being Human in Healthcare.

As healthcare professionals and educators we understand the need to adapt aviation style Human Factors knowledge and techniques, to make them more relevant and applicable to the highly complex and variable world of health and social care. 

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our enthusiasm for Human Factors. 

Dr Jennifer Blair 

Company Director
Consultant Anaesthetist
Director for Multi-Professional Simulation
College Tutor RCoA (5 years)
Training Programme Director (3 years)

I have worked in London as a Consultant Anaesthetist for 16 years and have extensive Simulation and Human Factors teaching experience and training. In my current role as Director of Simulation in a London NHS trust I have gained valuable insight into the role Human Factors play in incident investigation and sit on the Serious Incident Review Panel. I am passionate about sharing Human Factors knowledge, equipping staff with practical tools that enhance patient safety and inspiring those in leadership positions to consider Human Factors in their decision making.

Jessica Wadsworth  

Company Director
Senior Nurse Educator
PG Diploma Clinical Education
Fellow of Higher education Academy
NMC Teacher
Associate Member CIEHF

I am a senior registered Nurse working in London for over 18 yrs. Working towards an MA in Clinical education, I have a specialist interest in Human Factors, Simulation Based Education and Inter-Professional Education.
I am passionate about the role of Human Factors in the context of patient safety and incident investigation. Over my career in Renal, Critical Care, Theatres and now Multi-Professional Education and Quality, I have gained a deep understanding of patient safety issues. The qualifications, skill and experience I’ve acquired give me unique insight and understanding of how to apply Human Factors effectively in health and social care.

Dr Tracey Herlihey

Associate Consultant Advisor
Chartered Human Factors Specialist (CErgHF)
Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol)
Head of Safety Intelligence – HSIB  

I’m a passionate, systems-thinker committed to making healthcare safer through better design. I have worked at the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) since its inception in March 2017, first as a National Investigator and now as Head of Safety Intelligence. Prior to HSIB I was a Senior Human Factors Specialist at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, Canada. At UHN I led Human Factors consulting work to help solve complex safety problems within healthcare and developed and taught various courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. At HSIB I provide Human Factors input into HSIB’s investigations and lead HSIB’s Intelligence Unit.

Meet the Team

Meet our extended team of multi-professional healthcare professionals. Our qualified healthcare associate trainers work within healthcare and have extensive teaching experience and qualifications 

Dr Zahra Rajput

Associate Trainer

Dr Zahra Rajput BSc MBBS PG Cert (Clin Ed)
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
Anaesthetic Registrar –  London 

I am an Anaesthetic Registrar working in London and have a strong interest in education, having completed my PG Certificate in Clinical Education. I also have extensive experience in inter-professional education and am passionate about enhancing the multi-professional team’s ability to work safely.  I also have expertise in course design and teaching, ranging from undergraduate programmes to work based learning sessions.

Luke Cox

Associate Trainer

Mr Luke Cox BSc PG Dip (clinical Ed)
Fellow of the Higer Education Academy (FHEA)
NMC Teacher
Senior Nurse lecturer – London 

I work as a Senior Nurse and Educator and have experience in both roles in a variety of settings. As a nurse I have worked in acute care environments for 10 years, including senior Emergency Department roles. As an educator I specialise in facilitating simulation-based learning, working with multi-professional teams in the NHS, and with pre and post registration nurses and midwives in higher education.  These experiences have taught me how vital it is for healthcare professionals at all organisational levels to understand the impact of Human Factors on our practice, and on the safety of those we care for.

What our clients say!

Being Human in Healthcare  Ltd has worked with a number of healthcare organisations to deliver practical and relevant  Human Factors training 

ICHP Train the Trainer for Maternity Teams 

Multi-professional teams across the NW London ICHP area were trained to deliver a One-day Human Factors Course to colleagues

The quality of this course was great, really engaging and approachable facilitators with a lot of knowledge, experience and credibility”.

Consultant obstetrician

“It’s been really good to be taught by people outside of my trust and with a variety of teaching methods. The pace was slow which is very important for me- especially with a new topic”

Senior Midwife

Kings College Hospital Haematology team Human Factors for Leaders Course 

The senior Haematology nursing team attended our Human Factors for Leaders course, focusing on Safety II and systems thinking. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course which was expertly co-facilitated and delivered in an extremely interesting and engaging style”.

Nurse Consultant

Nuffield Health
Human Factors for Frontline Theatre staff

Working with theatre teams to embed Human Factors across the theatre environment 

“Thank you for a really informative course. I’ve gained a lot more knowledge and confidence around Human Factors”.

Staff Nurse 

What Our Course Participants Say

100% of participants would recommend our courses to a colleague, read some of the positive feedback below!

“This TTT course gave me a really good basis in Human Factors in Healthcare. I left feeling enthusiastic and determined to embed what I had learned into my everyday work settings, encouraging more people to engage with the concepts so well demonstrated during the course. I look forward to teaching the one day “Human Factors in Maternity” course across Northwest London, hopefully with even a fraction of the skills displayed by Jess and Jen”.

Consultant Anesthetist
Consultant Surgeon

“I think a course like this should be mandatory for senior registrars and all new consultants. It gives such clarity about the frameworks for managing their own performance and groups of people in a safe way as well as managing the risk that we as healthcare professionals are exposed to on a daily basis. I want to get back out into clinical practice immediately and employ the principles I have learnt”

 “I was not quite sure what to expect from the day, but the course far exceeded my expectations. I left feeling very positive about my understanding and future engagement in safety issues and risk”

Nurse Consultant 

Utilising the models will really help with investigating incidents, giving me a tool to use to break down the incident and provide a focus for action planning”


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to many questions but if the information you require is not in this section please email us.


The venues for our Human Factors for Leaders course are in easily accessable central London locations and will be confirmed at booking.

CIEHF Accreditation

Our courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors 

Dietary Requirements 

Please tell us at the point of booking if you have any dietary requirements and we will endeavour to accommodate you.


There is no assessment element to this course as we work alongside you to increase your understanding of Human Factors. In the unlikely event of extreme, serious and unprofessional behaviour we reserve the right to contact your professional regulator.

Individual Delegate Cancellation Policy

Course refunds minus 10% administrative fee are offered up to 30 days before the course date. After this time no refunds can be made as we will have incurred costs on your behalf.

In the event of an underbooked course we will reserve the right to cancel with a full refund up to 10 days before the course date.

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Payment Policy 

All individually booked course places must be paid for in full at the time of booking.

All group bookings must be paid for  in full before the booking is confirmed.

Group Course Cancellation Policy

Group course refunds minus 10% administrative fee are offered up to 30 days before the course date. After this time no refunds can be made as we will have incurred costs on your behalf.

Course Materials 

You will recieve key tools and selected course materials as well as a certificate of attendance in pdf.

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